TNT Enterprizes LLC uses the most technologically advanced form of trenchless replacement known as pipe bursting. This is not a liner. This is brand new HDPE(High density poly ethylene) pipe. HDPE pipe is the most resilient pipe on earth. The Plastic Pipe Institute gave HDPE pipe a 100+yr life expectancy which far exceeds any other pipe and twice the life of liners. Pipe bursting is very efficient. All that is needed, is an entry pit, and a receiving pit. Once these are established, all the pipe in between can be replaced. We're not talking 10ft either. We can replace 100's at a time. Our machine can pull up to 30 ton. That's 60,000lbs of pulling power at your fingertips. We can do 4in, 6in, and even 8in pipe. Traditionally, we would've had to excavate your old sewer pipe and you would be forced to have a trench from your house to the main. Now, we can go under roads, driveways, sidewalks, porches,  

and sometimes even under walls. If you look at the upper photo, this is a perfect example of how we can make pipe to any length. HDPE pipe comes in 20ft lengths. We then fuse it together using a heat weld. This is so much better. No fittings, no couplings, no roots, and no leaks. Every pipe that professional plumbers have used in the past have used some form of coupler and then have had problems with roots or leaks. Not any more. From your house, all the way to the main, is one piece of pipe. In the photo to the left, displays how we can use HDPE fittings, but with heat fused joints to maintain the seal tight pipe. In the above photo, we are actually bursting in that pipe under that homeowners lawn and landscape. We were able to burst 63 feet in 23 min. Not only are we able to save homeowner's lawns and landscapes, we're able to replace 

whole sewer systems in a timely manner. The only couplings we use is inside your house, to connect to your present plumbing, and out at the main. When we do these type of installations, the machine we use pulls a bursting head through your old pipe. The bursting head is a little bigger than your old pipe and this accomplishes two things. It creates the bursting effect to break up your old pipe, but it also opens up the pathway for the new HDPE pipe to be pulled in. As the machine pulls the bursting head, the new pipe is pulled in. Once the new HDPE pipe is in place, we can then make our connections. We have connected to SDR-35, pvc, cast iron, and even terra cotta which you can see in the side and lower photos. The nice thing about HDPE pipe which

I really like, is thats it's rigid yet flexible. If you've ever been told that your plumbing has pipe drop, meaning one pipe has dropped from the other underground. This is a perfect remedy whereas lining is not. Unlike liners that only replicate the inner surfaces and shapes of the pipes, pipe bursting will realign your pipes by inserting a new pipe inside your old one. I know, because i've done it. I had a customer that wanted to have a liner put in, but after a camera inspection when I noticed two pipes were misaligned, I automatically recommended bursting in a new pipe. There's no reason to take chances when things are 9 & 10 feet deep. I will admit though, not a lot of plumbers are doing this form of trenchless replacement. We are one of a handful in Pennsylvania but after doing many installations, and being the plumbers we are, we highly recommend them, not because it's our business, but because we only install the best. I mean think about it, most plumbers are putting liners in. What do you want? A liner, or a brand new pipe? Thats what we thought.

Some, think you can reline any pipe. That's just not the case as you can see. I'll put it this way. The liner below is peeling after only 16 months installation. What would you rather have?